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Fall at the Whitacre House

Sunday was the perfect fall day at the Whitacre house. We raked up all the leaves and piled them in our front yard, only to have them return the next day. We have three trees that spread a golden yellow all over our yard. This is my favorite time of year, because of all the colors and the crisp fresh air. Joci loved the day too, because I would hide her tennis ball in the pile of leaves and she had to jump in the pile to find it.

I realized we have asked you to pray for our home as we vigorously search for months and never showed you a picture. Here are some pictures from our work day at 1560. I also took some pictures of Joci with our one decoration, a pumpkin. My friend, Ashley, was taking pictures of her wonderful baby boy Benjamin with pumpkins…it’s his first fall in Indiana, Pa. I figured this is Joci’s first fall living in Indiana, Pa as well. So I posed her for a few (I stole your idea, with our dog—creepy, maybe).














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Spring Break Already!?

Recently James and I have been submitting our plans for Spring Break. We are going backpacking in Buffalo National River, Arkansas. The VERY exciting news is that this trip is with IUP’s Alternative Spring Break program. Therefore James and I will be taking a trip alongside and with IUP.

Here is our trip description and detail:

Trip Description: Trip designed to learn about intentional leadership while living in community in the wilderness. Activities will include backpacking and Rock climbing in the Buffalo National River, in northern Arkansas. The cost includes equipment rental, camp food, and transportation.

Theme: Intentional Leadership – discovering foundations for how leadership relates to others, yourself, the environment, and God. We will look at leadership and community from a Christian biblical perspective. The trip will include learning through group conversations, personal journaling, and solitude. You will be asked to consider certain readings and teachings from the Bible or from a spiritual perspective.  Though biblical themes lay the foundation for this trip, anyone is welcome to participate.

So far our trip has truly been encouraged through ASB. We are excited for this opportunity and the ability to be transparent about the design and model of the trip, being able to bring Chrstianity to the forefront. Please pray for the details as we encourage students to sign up on November 10th!!  Also please pray for James and I as we plan to lead a trip together, that we would be unified in thought, communication, and decision making throughout the trip itself and in these planning stages.

Thank you!


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Climbing at Coopers Rock, WV

I have been wanting to share another exciting day of fun with all of you. Just this past month James and I planned a rock climbing trip with nine other students. IT WAS A WONDERFUL DAY!!  We carpooled down to Coopers Rock, West Virginia. There we joined some Waynesburgh University students for part of the morning and then we had the rocks all to ourselves that afternoon. We taught them how to belay, how to climb, and they taught each other how to encourage one another. It was facinating to see a group of students truly helping one another out and being intentional with one another. Esspecially because a good portion of these students just met that day.

Here are a few of the amazing shots that students took that day:



After our day of climbing and as our muscles started to ache we headed back to Indiana, Pa. On our way home we stopped at a local diner. At our meal we went around the table and reviewed the day with “Happy, Crappy, and Sappy.” Each of us said one thing in the day that was happy, crappy, and sappy. The range of thought went from sore muscles, being outside, getting more than one climb in…and lastly a student stating that this is a group they have felt the most comfortable with since his time here at IUP (he was a freshman). But still!!  I’m so glad that we were able to do this.  On the way home I asked James, “So, when can we do this again!?”

Thank you for making this possible!!  What a day, what a day!

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