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We just got out of a meeting with 11 students who are signed up to go on our ASB Trip with IUP. That’s right!¬† James and I are taking, actually 12, students to Arkansas with the Alternative Spring Break Program through Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

What is in Arkansas? The beautiful Ozark mountains, waterfalls, bluffs, cliff jumping, rock climbing…and so much more. These students have willingly signed up for a week in the woods, to carry their food and clothing on their backs, hike about 20 miles, and all that with the Whitacre’s. This is fun! They also know that we are intentionally framing the trip around leadership and faith.

I just wanted to share all that with you…this is why I haven’t been posting, because we have and are planning!

(this is a picture of our campsite. James and I scouted Buffalo National River Arkansas at the beginning of January. It was bitter cold, but excellent information for our trip. It was also a good confidence booster for me…not only knowing that I can camp out in single digit weather…but also a reminder of what it means to be in the woods).

Till next time….


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A New Year

The holidays were packed full with traveling, family, and scouting for our spring break trip. This was our first Christmas together and third New Years Eve. Now we start 2010! This year brings an array of events, such as Jubilee, Spring Break to Arkansas, Bible Study on Monday nights, James graduate work, and more. No wonder I feel lightly overwhelmed, already.

One thing that I wanted share about was what our theme for study will be this semester. Patrick (my co-worker) and I are very excited about it. It will be a bit of a challenge, yet a good one. We are going to do a character study of various people in the Old Testament. Patrick is going to present the males, potentially starting off with Noah. And I am going to present the females, starting off with Eve (I think). I hope this approach will allow students to learn about the Old Testament and to study some major themes. I am interested in experiencing where this goes and how this will teach us in the process. So here are some questions for you…

Do you have any favorite characters in the Old Testament? Any that have taught you or that you love reading about? What themes do you see repeated in the OT?

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