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A Weekend in Pittsburgh

It is that time of year, Jubilee is upon us. And I am reminded that we are truly in the midst of it. I reminded students last night about the year of jubilee, what it stands for, and how we are called to live in the redeeming process NOW. If you don’t remember the call on the Israeli’s lives to redeem the earth, to set everything back to its original state — go check it out (Lev. 25). It is an amazing call — to set the captives free, to give the properties back to their original owners, to let the land rest and trust that the Lord will provide their daily sustenance. This, in theory, was to diminish the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer — it also was supposed to show the people that the Lord is their sustainer and provider, to rest. And now we have this call on our lives, that we are living in Jubilee now.

This is what Jubilee is about. Or at least what it strives for.

If you end up coming to Jubilee (if you in the area, Sunday morning is free to the public!) know that my favorite person is going to be there: John Perkins. The man that helped me realize the value of community and reconciliation. He saw his brother die at the hands of white men beacuse his brother was standing in line at a movie theater, moved away from Mississippi and vowed never to return, fell in love with his wife and God, felt the call to return back to his home town (the heart of Mississippi during the civil rights movement), educated black students and gave them opportunities to study scripture and be in community, almost killed by white police who tricked him in Jackson, MS., and he said to the Lord, as he was getting a fork stuck up his nose by these men, “if I make it out of here alive I realize that my job is not only to educate black men but also white.”

He is worth learning more about.

Thank you all for your support, for being a part of Jubilee with us….not just the conference that is happening this weekend but in the whole redeming process that God has called us to until His return.

And if you in Pittsburgh this weekend, come on Sunday! It’s a great time to be surrounded by college students, go check out some excellent books and have great conversations.

Until next time…



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