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Indiana is Busy Again…

The campus is buzzing with student life again. There is a slight hum of noise that rises over Indiana when these 15,000 college students arrive back. The once peaceful and still small town is agitated with new vigor. It’s sort of fun.

This part of the year always causes me to look back over the summer and reflect. We were able to go to Wyoming, the beach, celebrate my Grandmother’s 90th and so much more. I’m so thankful for what summer has brought us and I cannot believe it’s over. Now my allegies are making me miserable even though the coming of fall is my favorite time of year.

Some memories of the summer :

grandma turning 90!!

Wyoming and its beauty

Joci taking summer naps….

The summer sky as I leave for work in the morning!!


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My Favorite

Me and my siblings. One of my absolutely favorite photos!

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A Change

Coffee cherries on coffee plant (Coffea arabica)

Coffee cherries (Image via Wikipedia)

Life has changed a bit for James and I. James is still studying and mapping in the Geography Program, and I must say he is doing a fine job. I, on the other hand, have taken a full time position at the coffeehouse. I am absolutely loving it right now. Currently my position with the CCO has changed to associate status (meaning I’m working roughly 10hrs a week with campus ministry). I believe this was a good decision and I am looking forward to this year as I strive to learn all things local business and everything I can about the bean. We are in the process of sending out our final newsletter. I look forward to sharing more with you and explaining it more in depth if you would like.

Therefore I am taking over this blog. I want to share my thoughts and ideas. I want to be more intentional about recording life here in this town and sharing the fun things that I am finding and learning. I hope this is intriguing and thought provoking. I do not think much will change, but I hope there can be a bit of inspiration here.


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We watched this over and over

Just a little something to entertain….

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